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Welcome to my desk! I am Alessandro, a freelance graphic designer who has made his passion into a chameleonic profession.

Always looking to meet my customers’ requirements, I explore every possibility that balances the client’s vision, feasibility with a combination of style and functionality.

My aim is to visualise and translate the complexities of this fascinating industry.

Satisfying the client's ambitions has always been the stimulus to improve my role as a messenger of ideas and solutions. Each project has its own character, my goal: success! When my ideas reflect my client’s vision, I know I have hit the mark!

My Approach

Whatever the nature of the project whether it is branding, user interface or design this is my work process:


A rough analysis of the client’s style, tone and their target audience; this is my first glance at the project in full expressive freedom.


Translate corporate and product identity in the first conceptual ideas; here I provide examples of how the client’s character can be reflected in the project.


Create demos and structure mockups. The client sees the ideas materialise. A fundamental step in my process, where the client evaluates the prototypes.


The client is in the driver’s seat. They choose the final version, this is their vision! I deliver the digital file and the client proceeds to source their production line.



  • digital/printed productions
  • exhibition installations
  • packaging and gadgets
  • infographics

UI Design

  • user interfaces
  • websites and cloud apps
  • software
  • mobile apps


  • logo
  • branded stationery
  • copyright guidelines
  • strategy

Video Editing

  • presentations
  • video and audio editing
  • animated graphics
  • encoding process

Programming · Add on

Content Management Systems
eCommerce Websites
Web Marketing & SEO
Software Development

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