The Leonardo e il Corpo’s project is a cultural program that is part of the larger domain called Scuola3D. You can also view this project by browsing my portfolio.

This ambitious idea, new of its kind in Italy, was born with the aim of virtually bringing together all Italian primary school children. Two of the main objectives of the project were to allow children to explore the world of information technology and to experience digital citizenship. Children can access a variety of topics, such as history, geography, art, human anatomy and medicine.

It was a fantastic opportunity for me to work on this project. I very much enjoyed creating the entire interactive 3D ambient (modeling, texturing, lighting and animation), as well as a mini-site connected to it, for which I produced the UI Design.

The 3D-interactive ambient (MUVE multi-user virtual environment) is free of charge; it is supported and regulated by the Istituto Pedagogico di Bolzano in the Regione Autonoma Alto-Adige Südtirol (Italy) and it is sponsored by the Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca and Anthelios Comunicazione.

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  • 2008
  • UI design · 3D design
  • Istituto Pedagogico di Bolzano


In the slideshow above, you can see some snapshots captured within the 3D world.

In the video below, it is possible to see a small video about the navigation of the mini-site for the consultation of the illustrative tables present in the 3D exhibition.