NETO Pro is a creation of the NETO ecosystem, by the Fastercom Srl: a company operating in the automotive software sector.

For this project, I designed a detailed set of 48 icons to be integrated into the NETO Pro mobile App. The software allows customers to configure their own vehicle with a variety of design or needs options. The challenge was to represent a specific concept or need in each detailed icon. This program aimed at satisfying the need of a client to add additional features to their vehicle, for example a disabled access ramp or a mechanical arm.

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  • 2017
  • UI design
  • Fastercom Srl

A closer look

The iconographic creatives were made in vector graphics and HD bitmaps for the best possible graphic-visual quality. In these images you can see some construction details wireframe and some icons seen more closely.

3D intro

In the video above you can see a 3D animation of the NETO Pro logo that I created as intro for the app.