Fastercom Srl formerly IST Srl, is a company operating in the automotive software sector.

The project, part of a modular process, involved the creation of customised mouse pads for the various partners and customers, as part of the WELCOME PACK program.

NOTE: "WELCOME PACK" is a marketing tool aimed at providing customers with information material, gadgets and more.

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  • 2016 / 2017
  • Design · Packaging
  • Fastercom Srl


TRAX is a product created in the context of the NETO family. In this project, as for other NETO solutions and related variations for their partners, I created the TRAX software splash-screen and the envelope packaging of the “WELCOME PACK”.

NETO business brochure

In the demo below, it is possible to see the images of the brochure created for NETO Business - intelligence for road transport. NETO is a set of 9 services based on fully integrated internet platforms and designed to achieve business intelligence in the field. The right support at the right time for all operators in the transport chain of commercial vehicles.